Silver Coins

Silver coins, or more accurately pieces of silver, were some of the earliest coins ever used in the world and, as the practice evolved, many were minted with kings, emperors and other important symbolism to mark their value. South Africa initially used British coins imported from England. It was only in 1923, when the Royal Mint Pretoria was finally established, that South Africa developed its own silver coinage.

These earlier Union silver coins, such as those from the George V era, had a relatively high percentage of silver. This is why the base metal in a coin from an earlier period in history can sometimes actually outweigh the monetary value of the coin, depending on the current demand and supply of precious metals. A perfect example of this is when the price per ounce of silver jumped to a record $50 in the early 1980s, allowing a collector with silver coins to sell them for more than their face value.

In addition to silver coins from South Africa, the team at City Coins has dealt with many different coins from around the world, from striking and marvelous medieval coins to more modern ones. As a result of our extensive experience and international expertise in the numismatic trade, we have developed a worldwide list of clients who now subscribe to our auction catalogue. City Coins is also proud to be the first company to be affiliated with the prestigious London auction house, Dix Noonan Webb.

Over the years we have found that many people inherit silver coins that have been passed down through generations. These coins have simply been hoarded from circulation and are generally not collectible, but they do have a silver value due to their silver content. Why not visit us at City Coins and allow us to value these coins for you and make an offer to purchase?

It is also important to realise that while most people think they might have rare, expensive coins in their collections, the chances are unlikely as most precious coins are already owned by collectors. Still, it is worth valuating your silver coins as you can always use them to invest in a more valuable coin. City Coins will give you all the advice and direction you need.